Friday, December 3, 2010

Your Perfect Solution to Holiday Shopping

The Holidays are fast approaching and time seems to go even quicker! The list of things to do and gifts to buy grow by the minute!

Don’t waste your time stressing, let us help you out with your Holiday gift-giving.

The Celebrations team & I have meticulously put together an eight page Gift collection of the best gifts on island. Whether it’s for  you valued clients, a treasured employee, a friend or a family member, we’ve got it covered… from top quality gourmet gift baskets brimming with scrumptious treats …to stylish and fragrant  Chrstimas floral arrangements. These are gifts to say thank you, or to show you care. Celebrations gifts are the perfect way of spreading the Chrsitmas cheer.

Have a look at our complete Celebrations Gift Collection. To make the service more complete and stress-free,  Celebrations offers island-wide delivery service.

Enjoy the Christmas Season more, leave all your gift-giving worries to the experts at Celebrations.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Visit Celebrations Enchanted Christmas Store - see video below, everything to make the Holidays extra special!


Come visit our Enchanted Christmas Store, in the Mirco Centre on North Sound Road!  We are open til late, at least 7pm, convenient parking, and lots of fantastic in store sales going on daily!  Hurry while stocks last, the items are beautiful at great prices!   See you soon, Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Engage!10 Cayman Islands - Welcome Reception

For the Engage!10 Welcome Reception, I've decided to show everyone a prelude to one of my wedding collections that will debut later this year. Rustic-chic was the inspiration for this particular event  The focal point was this huge centerpiece specially designed and constructed for a buffet station.  I was extremely thrilled to use these gorgeous yellow blooms from the Laburnum tree, a part of the wide array of local fauna available here in the Cayman Islands. I am all for using locally-grown materials and making something fabulous out of it!!!

We've incorporate bamboos, willows and yellow blooms to make this 14 ft 3-tiered centerpiece.

A band of daisies was used to wrap around the middle tier. Lights streaming through the different tiers created a cool effect on this piece.

The table centerpieces were miniature versions of the focal piece with yellow Tulips, Laburnum blooms and bamboo accents.

4 lounge areas of bamboos canopies with comfortable lounge seating were available for all the attendees to relax and socialize in.

Bamboo lanterns were hung on each canopy to provide ambient lighting too!

Rustic chic decor + amazing Engage!10 attendees = ONE GREAT PARTY ON THE BEACH!!!

Want to see more Engage!10 Welcome Reception party photos? Click here and here

Photos by: David Wolfe

Monday, June 14, 2010

Engage!10 - Wedding Luxury Summit in The Cayman Islands - Day 1

Engage!10 the JVB perspective.

Can I say I was a nervous wreck?Yes, I was, especially after finding out that Engage! was returning to our shores. Cayman Islands was lucky enough to be the venue for Engage!09 and now twice lucky to be the host nation again for Engage!10.

Engage! is the world's top luxury wedding conference spearheaded by the uber fabulous ladies of Engaging Concepts, Rebecca Grinnals & Kathryn Arce -- the most unbelievable team I know. The harmony and synergy they have together is indescribable. And they are also very trusting! This year they seemed to trust me more than ever. Our telephone calls were a lot less, and even when on island, they never saw any of the detail renderings for any of the events, only verbal overviews were given! But one thing was for sure, we need to top what was done from Engage!09 design-wise.

Here's the objective that my Celebrations team and I have to meet for Engage!10 and its illustrious attendees.
1. to design all of the Engage!10 events from day one to end
2. to design each and every event  that would surpass last year's -- impressive enough to wow all the Engage!10 attendees who are among the world's top wedding professionals!

So you can see where my fears stemmed from. However, with the reassuring trust that Rebecca Grinnals has given me and my team, I knew anything was possible.

Here's the amazing Rebecca Grinnals and myself with Celebrations' wedding planners, Juliette Heath and Amanda Wilson prior to registration.

Day 1

With butterflies in my stomach, Engage!10 started with a splash of color! Gorgeous  Nüage Design linens brought bright colours on the Cayman Welcome Lounge at the Ritz Carlton -- all in keeping with Engage!10 color palette of lemon yellow and blue.

We've complimented the linens with simple yet stylish floral arrangements like the one seen below:

Upon registering, all attendees were given this chic attendees' book made by Trisha Hay.  Love, love the patterns!

The  fabulous swag bags were filled with oooh so gorgeous treats!!!

At the registration area, upon seeing so many familiar faces from attendees/speakers from last year, I felt so warm and invigorated. One notable return speaker is the fashion director of Kleinfeld's and the host of the smash hit TV show, "Say Yes to the Dress"...the extremely fashionable, Randy Fenoli.  Here's a photo of the über talented, Randy with myself and Celebration's wedding planners, Amanda Wilson, Mary Ann Mehigan, Juliette Heath and Danika Bell.

Another notable return Engage! speaker is the brilliant Simon T. Bailey. He is such an inspiration!

Rebecca and I arranged the first sessions with casual lounge settings. Check out the fab swag bags again!

Here's a close up shot of one of the centerpieces that were used during the first session.

 Harmony Walton of the well-renowned wedding resource website Bridal Bar, Ali Phillips one of Chicago's Top Wedding Planners, media maven  Liene Stevens  of Think Splendid and  world-class photographer , Donna Von Bruening, kicked off Engage!10 Day 1 sessions with insights on how to get the most out of attending wedding conferences such as Engage!

Next to speak was Darcy Miller, the  Senior VP and Editorial Director of Martha Stewart Weddings  She is so inspiring and overflowing with wit and knowledge.

Up next, the Welcome Party!!!

Photos by : David Wolfe & Melissa Wolfe

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

UK's Weddingtv + Celebrations + Cayman Islands = One Wonderful Project

I've got some great news to share! I've been working closely with UK's Weddingtv on a 1-hour long TV special on Cayman Islands as an ideal destination for all UK couples who are on the look-out for a Caribbean wedding. Celebrations has been lucky enough to have been chosen as the only wedding professional company that will be featured in the said show.

I've taken the awesome Weddingtv crew all over the island  the past few days showing them all the wonderful locations that the Cayman islands has for destination weddings.

Here's a photo of me at one of private villas in idyllic Rum Point and Simon, the Executive Producer of Weddingtv.

Seen below is a photo of Jack of Weddingtv shooting the intrepid photographer David Wolfe while he takes a photo of a couple during their Trash the Dress photo session.

Again, the Weddingtv crew shooting a wedding at Marriott Resort, Seven Mile Beach.

Can't wait to see the final video footage!!!! I will keep you all posted for the showing schedule!

Software Group Incentive Program - Day 6

The last event for this group is the one of the Chairman's event at Osetra Bay. With the elegant and chic location of Osetra Bay in mind, we've designed something really unusual yet stylish for this event.

To complement the X-shaped formation of the tables, we designed rows glass globes with flowers pierced through with  a bamboo pole brimming with flowers too. At the center is a layered centerpiece composed of hydrangeas, roses and callas.


Here's a close up photo of the composite that made this X-shaped centerpiece truly unique!



This whole experience has really sparked our imaginations and gave us a chance to showcase what we at Celebrations can offer to clients from all over the world to make their event a one-of-a-kind experience here in the Cayman Islands.

To our clients and partners, thank you so much for this wonderful experience!!! We'll forever be grateful.


the Celebrations Team

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Software Group Incentive Program - Day 4- After Party

At the end of an echanting dinner, all of the guests were enticed to party at the Ritz Carlton Great Lawn, where we've set up a fully air-conditioned 40x100 tent with clear walls and ceilings!

BMC Software Day 4

Inside were pockets of areas for easy mingling with cocktail tables and chairs, a huge dancefloor, staging and some intricate lighting!

BMC Software - Day 4

On top of each cocktail table were this simple arrangements of Callas and Cymbidium orchids, wire globes in funky metal containers!

BMC Software - Day 4

This tent when all lit-up at night is a must see! Photos coming soon!

Software Group Incentive Program - Day 4 Gala Event

The Celebrations team took a few seconds to pose for the cam before they tackled this huge and very detailed event set-up!

BMC Software - Day 4

Ritz Carlton's art deco chandeliers were subtly camouflaged by purple and teal fabric, creating this uniquely magnificent lighting fixtures. Adding the custom draping around the chandeliers gave the Ritz Carlton Ballroom a grandeur that is unique to Gala Event.

It's so exciting when you design something like this and when you actually see it in all it's glorious beauty...breathtaking!

BMC Software - Day 4

The centerpieces were made of Hydrangeas, Roses, Calla Lilies, Irises and globes mad of spun silver wire. FYI, these silver globes were used as inspiration for dessert! As soon as I get a hold of the photos from all the photographers in this event, you'll see what exactly I'm talking about.

BMC Software - Day 4

And here's what we call pièce de résistance!!!

The Chairman's table for 41 seated guests was a 55-foot long showcase of teal tablecloth accentuated by purple runners, huge clusters of luscious purple flowers and glittering candelabras in all shapes and sizes.

BMC Software - Day 4BMC Software - Day 4

Nothing was spared to make this Gala Event what it was planned to be .... an evening of enchantment!

Up next? Part 2 of Day 4!!!

Software Group Incentive Program - Day 3

Day 3. Music and Food Festival. Ritz Carlton Beach

For this low-key event, 700+ guests were once again invited to cool off at Ignite Island, which has been transformed by bringing in orange and red hues from the pillows and the floral accents.

BMC Day 3

BMC Day 3

BMC Day 3

For dinner, guests were dining alfresco right on the world famous Seven Mile Beach!

The centerpieces for all the tables were made of flowers in shades of bright yellows ...Sunflowers and Gerberas all nicely arranged in a knitted ivory container. Another set of these knitted containers were also used for favours for all the guests.

Bamboo chairs were used for this event to compliment the brown fabric and the rustic, family-style dinner. A custom-made table collar of bright orange paper stock was used around the edges of each tables just to add more pizzazz to the setting.

BMC Day 3BMC Day 3

By the way, did I mention that it was H-O-T out there when we were setting up the event? Sweltering hot.Yet seeing this event come together ... a fully transformed Ignite Island, simple yet beautiful table settings, scrumptious food prepared by Ritz Carlton, the Caribbean Ocean just a few steps away, 700+ guests spending a star-filled night dancing to some great Caribbean rhythms....made it all worth it!

Check us again for Day 4, the Gala Night! It's definitely one for the books! ;-)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Software Group Incentive Program - Day 2

Day 2. Ritz Carlton, Grand Cayman. Welcome Event

To formally welcome the 700+ guests for this software's group incentive program, everyone was invited to the the beach front of the Ritz Carlton, Grand Cayman.

BMC Day 2

Guests were asked to step onto a Celebrations custom-built wooden bridge connecting the Ritz Carlton pool deck and the world-famous Seven Mile Beach. Upon stepping off the bridge, they were automatically transported to Ignite! Island.
BMC - Day 2
BMC Day 2

Ignite! Island is an oasis where guests can lounge in the shade and enjoy the cool breeze from the ocean and take in the gorgeous blues of the world famous Seven Mile Beach.

Bamboo panels with white linens were used to create an element of reveal when guests come closer to Ignite! Island. A custom bamboo bar was also created for this highly detailed event.

BMC Day 2

Crisp white lounge chairs dotted with bright coloured teal, fuchsia and orange pillows were strategically placed within Ignite! Island...affording everyone inside a panoramic view of Seven Mile Beach. White giant globe chandeliers were strung from the tent ceiling and orange lamps provided a modern twist to ambient lighting.

Christmas palms and lush foliage were also brought in to add more vibrancy inside Ignite! Island.

BMC Day 2

Here's the partial set-up for the  Welcome Event on the beach and a close up of the gorgeous fabric we used for overlays!  Love, love the gorgeous fabric from BBJ Linens!  No fish and shell design on this fun and quirky fabric, but it still is reminiscent of the wonders of the sea!

BMC Day 2

Here's a dusk view of Ignite! Island!  

BMC Day 2
Ken Haller, Vice-president of One Smooth Stone can't help but enthuse how Ignite! Island could not have looked any better!

We're happy that you're happy Ken!

Off to Day Three!!!