Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 in Review

2007. What a great year it has been!

On the personal front, believe it or not, in one year.... I saw my 2 daughters, Kristin and Amanda, walk down the aisle! Being a Wedding Planner is hard enough by itself but being the Mother of The Bride is an equally daunting task, while still being very involved with the design and completion of these most special days in our lives. I truly feel that this experience, which could only be gained when you are put in the seat of the 'Mother of the Bride', has brought me an even more profound understanding of how incredibly crucial, having a Wedding Planner is! Kristin's wedding was held in Cayman, and Keisha Parcells (the Manager of our Special Events Division) was the appointed Wedding Planner, who I have to tell the world, did a phenomenal job! Think about it, being the wedding planner to the daughter of the most fastidious and attention to detail Mother of the Bride you could think off! My hats off to Keisha and the entire team for everything they did, words can never portray the gratitude and thankfulness, both myself and our entire family had for all they did. We had a most wonderful wedding and I truly was able to be the Mother of the Bride! Amanda's wedding was held in Keswick, in the Lake District in England, and this was another incredible challenge, and certainly taught me about planning a destination wedding thousands of miles away. Again with the help of my great team of experts and diligent staff, I was able to make my eldest daughters' wedding dreams come true in another land!

Celebrations was also featured in several international TV shows. Some of which were: the NFL Quarterback Challenge in June; BET Jazz Fest in November ; and in December, the brand new Special Edition on Style Network's " My Destination Wedding with the Knot" . aired. What an honor to be part of this special one hour show with Carley Rooney from The Knot. Not to mention that the 6 hour mini-series of "Weddings Away - Cayman Islands" that focused on myself and Celebrations for the entire series keeps repeating on the Travel Channel.

It is with great insight and zeal that I look forward to next year, with the prospects of always refining and producing weddings and events, that speak to the very soul of the clients involved. I started what we are doing now, many years ago, and my passion and desire to make people happy, has not changed whatsoever, and anyone who works with Celebrations, becomes part of this incredible passion of making the Celebrations in people's lives everything they can be.
The Celebrations Team has grown over the year. I've welcomed bright and promising new members and I am very excited with the prospect of continuing with this growth in the future.

This year has also introduced me to the wonderful world of blogging. It has been such a great experience to be a part of this very dynamic medium. I'm looking forward to share more of Celebrations' stories as it unfolds.

Here's to a great 2008! Let's keep the celebrations going all year! My team and I can't wait to start this brand new year with bigger and better ideas.

Here's a quick glimpse of some of the events and weddings that Celebrations created in 2007.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Mary Ann Mehigan

Mary Ann began her career in Special Events after graduating from Ricardo Palma Private University with a Bachelors Degree in business. She then moved on to become Head of Events and Promotions at the leading national radio station of Peru. During her three years there, she organized and produced live concerts for huge international acts such as Marc Anthony.
Throughout Mary Ann’s career, she has worked with experts and idols from all over the world and is constantly redefining her signature style...putting a creative spin on traditional elements.

Since joining Celebrations, she has become a premier wedding planner in The Cayman Islands. Mary Ann creates a unique experience for all of her clientele by providing exceptional service and attention to detail.
She loves to help people and says "being a Wedding Planner is an amazing profession, I love being a part of the bride and groom experiencing one of the most amazing moments of their lives". Mary Ann also says "weddings sometimes can make me cry, for example when I see the bride and groom exchanging romantic wedding vows. Yes, I am very romantic, I believe in love…and this love makes me LOVE what I am doing every day".

She looks forward to helping you create memories of a lifetime!