Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Keisha Parcells, Special Events Manager

When you meet Keisha you would never guess her nickname. Her gentle, lilting Jamaican accent and friendly smile might make you think she is the most laid-back person on earth. But to the other planners, she's none other than "Sergeant Major."

Maybe it's because she has an MBA from the University of Tampa, or maybe it's because she's been a wedding planner for over 8 years, but whatever the reason-- Keisha does not accept less than perfection. Her efficiency is only rivaled by her imagination, although she's done over 500 weddings and special events, she manages to make each one new, fresh and unique.


Anonymous said...

Oh My...... It's amazing.... I was wondering if you could help me book a party?

Celebrations Ltd. said...


Thank you! Please email us at if you need assistance in planning your party!