Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Jo Anne Brown, Managing Director, Fairy God Mother of Brides

Ms. Jo-Anne (alias Ms. Jo) started Celebrations over 16 years ago with a passion to see a friends wedding exceed her wildest expectations. Her vision has since grown into a company that boasts some of the best talent across all areas of event planning and design. She has personally overseen over 800 weddings, from intimate celebrations to elaborate occasions.

With a contagious sense of enthusiasm for every wedding or event and an impeccable sense of what constitutes a memorable event, Jo-Anne guides you through the entire wedding and design process with grace and ease.

Ms. Jo uses her skills and experience in floral and decor design to create the ultimate wedding experience. Wedding design involves the complete creation and choreography of all elements of the wedding and this is her passion.

Originally born in Jamaica, her father's home country, Jo-Anne was educated in Jamaica but attended college in the UK where she studied Art. Jo-Anne moved to her mother's native Cayman Islands just weeks after she married her husband Mike and together they have three children-- Amanda, Jason and Kristin. She is also a member of the International Special Events Society and the American Wedding Professionals Institute.

Keisha Parcells, Special Events Manager

When you meet Keisha you would never guess her nickname. Her gentle, lilting Jamaican accent and friendly smile might make you think she is the most laid-back person on earth. But to the other planners, she's none other than "Sergeant Major."

Maybe it's because she has an MBA from the University of Tampa, or maybe it's because she's been a wedding planner for over 8 years, but whatever the reason-- Keisha does not accept less than perfection. Her efficiency is only rivaled by her imagination, although she's done over 500 weddings and special events, she manages to make each one new, fresh and unique.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Company History

It was 1987 when a friend asked Ms. Jo-Anne Brown to design and plan her daughter's wedding. When Ms. Jo-Anne saw the ecstatic reaction of the bride, she knew her creativity had found its outlet.

Today, Celebrations boasts 35 employees and a talented team of floral designers, wedding planners, event planners and specialists in areas such as stage and prop building, A/V equipment, and balloon design, just to name a few.

The unique talent and flair of the Celebrations team has left its mark on the Cayman Islands. It's what makes people exclaim, "Celebrations must have done this event!" when they walk into a ballroom or whisper "Someone's getting Celebrations flowers ... " as they brush past a beautiful bouquet.

Over the years, Celebrations has thrown hundreds of weddings and events. The Travel Channel recently produced a series about the experiences of Ms. Jo-Anne and Celebrations entitled "The Destination Wedding Planner," airing in Spring 2006.