Thursday, April 12, 2007

Beach Soiree

Event Coordinator : Ahmed Elkaswani

Bright splashes of turquoise, jade, orange and fuchsia created a warm and inviting atmosphere, as a corporate group had their series of incentive parties in the Cayman Islands. The breathtaking view of the world-famous Seven Mile Beach provided a wonderful backdrop to this laid back yet elegantly decorated party

To further create an atmosphere of fun, low tide tables were accentuated with bright-colored linens and floral arrangements of Mango Calla Lilies, yellow Cymbidiums, pineapples, all arranged with minimalism in mind. Pillows in brilliant hues were strewn around the tables.

At the break of dusk, transparent columns illuminated by blue lights came into play.

With the gentle lapping of the calm Caribbean sea, the warmth of powder like sand, a d├ęcor that spelled simple elegance,

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