Friday, October 5, 2007

Miss Cayman 2007 - Faces of Carnival

Event Planner: Jaime Alexanderson

For the 2007 Miss Cayman Pageant, the theme was focused on the vibrance and splendour of the Carnival. Luminescent fabrics in every color imaginable draped the entire pageant venue...from the red carpet entry to the magnificent stage decor. A variety of larger-than-life Carnival masks, each one with its own unique design, were generously displayed too. In the middle of the stage backdrop was a grandiose sun, symbolic of the beautiful weather that Cayman is famous for. The centrepieces were a combination of flowers and carnival masks and feathers.

Nothing was spared in making this event truly exceptional for indeed, it was a celebration of Cayman beauty and heritage...simply exceptional.

Celebrations Team in action:

Eugenio hanging Carnival masks.

Jaime, the event coordinator, doing a final check on the set-up
Miss Anne in action...creativity on overdrive.
Miss Anne & Garfield conferring on design points.
The entry way
Some of our hardworking set-up crew
The Red carpet walkway.
One of the custom Carnival masks used as decor
The magnificent stage.

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