Friday, November 9, 2007

Anne Ogden - Allied Employee of the Year

Last October 26th, one of Celebrations' pioneer staff won the Allied Employee of the Year, an annual awards show organized by the Cayman Islands Tourism Association (CITA) in recognition of the great service rendered by employees working for the tourism industry.

Ann Marie Louise Ogden, or more well-known as Miss Ann, has been our Designer from Celebrations’ inception, 14 years ago. Miss Ann has been the creative force behind most if not all of Celebrations’ world class event and wedding design. As our senior designer, she conceptualizes & creates our entire top of the line décor, from the fold of the napkin, to the centrepiece, to the lay out of an event, to the most breathtaking backdrops. In short she gives the flair and special touch that Celebrations’ events and weddings are known for. Her constant need to create unique and awe-inspiring décor & floral arrangements has set the standards not only within Celebrations but through out the industry of floral design and event décor.

Her talent not only lies in event décor and floral artistry. She, too, is an impressive baker. In fact, some of her scrumptious creations have been featured in widely-circulated international magazines.

Her drive for excellence is beyond par. Her anything-is-possible attitude has taken us to great heights. Her friendly demeanour has not only endeared her to the people that she works with but to the entire Cayman community; not to mention the visitors (our clients) that come in contact with her. So many have commented and come back to Cayman, and made note that her warm outgoing and positive attitude were instrumental in them returning to Cayman. Always with a smile and an infectious laughter, it’s hard not to feel at ease with her.

In fact, we are even willing to go as far as to say that Miss Anne is a great ambassador for the Cayman Islands because she embodies what Cayman is all about, excellence, irresistible charm and warm hospitality.

A beautiful soul, a creative powerhouse, an inspiration to everyone, that’s our Miss Ann.


Anonymous said...

Go Miss Annie !!!!!! Rock on!

Anonymous said...

Miss Ann - you are the meaning of the word 'FABULOUSITY'!

Anonymous said...

i love you aunty ann & thank you for all you help with my wedding