Thursday, November 15, 2007

Top 12 Tips For A Great Thanksgiving

1. Consult our talented design team at Celebrations and create a unique centrepiece to accentuate your table and wow your guests!

2. Choose Fall colours for your tablecloth so that it compliments your centrepiece. See Celebrations variety of colourful linen rentals to give your table that rustic holiday feel.

3. Keep club soda nearby to clean spots or stains on the tablecloth or clothing.

4. Start defrosting the frozen turkey in the back of the refrigerator on Monday 19th. Mark it in your diary!

5. Here at Celebrations, we believe that little details make all the difference. Attention to the placement of your cutlery can make your table sparkle. When setting the table ensure all blades point toward the plate. A cream-soup spoon lies to the right and slightly above the regular spoon.

6. The day before, prepare any side dishes that can be served cold or quickly reheated. You can also make salad dressings and wash your greens.

7. Thanksgiving is a production, so keep the drinks simple, serve only nice bottles of white and red wine: Pour the white with the soup and the red with dinner

8. Create a relaxed ambiance with music. Our retail store has a wide variety of CDs to compliment every occasion.

9. Don’t choose a dessert that has to be prepared immediately before serving. Start by making the dessert, because it often requires the most effort and will usually be the most memorable part of a meal.

10. To save time creating a cheese platter, why not check out Celebrations wonderful variety of gourmet baskets. Or if you are a guest attending a Thanksgiving dinner, this makes the ideal gift for your host!

11. Here at Celebrations, we are committed to keeping Cayman clean. Make it easy for guests who help you clean up to help you recycle. Place bins in the kitchen labeled "glass," "cans" and "trash."

12. Whenever anyone offers to help or bring a dish, say, "Yes, thank you!"

Here are some more great decor ideas to make your Thanksgiving one to remember!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Celebrations!

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I cannot wait to check out the store, I have heard such wonderful things. Happy Holidays