Monday, February 18, 2008

Celebrations Partners with Leading Edge School

Celebrations is partaking in the Learning through Internship Programme with Leading Edge High School. Four students, Annisa Widett, Cassandra Wallace, Oliva Jackson and Chelsea Watler will intern at Celebrations every Monday morning for two months.
Students are placed within various departments in Celebrations and have the opportunity to participate and learn directly from such job functions as marketing, client communications, customer service, retail, floral and the overall process of running a successful company.
“The program also gives us the chance to give back and share the knowledge we have acquired in this ever-evolving Special Events Industry,” says Jo-Anne Brown, Managing Director of Celebrations, “It is a very worthwhile project and we are very committed to it. Internships are valuable starting points to any career. They provide students with the opportunity to gain valuable experience doing interesting work and networking with great people along the way. We are passionate about helping the youth of Cayman realize their full potential and so we are heavily involved in projects such as the YCLA and Stay Focused too.”

February is an extremely busy month for Celebrations due to the lead up to Valentine’s Day. The students get to see operations in full flow and will have an important role to play in their chosen department.

“The internship gives students an inside look at a very specialized industry here in Cayman, and the ability to learn what aspects fit their own talents,” says Innocenza La Civita, Human Resource Administrator of Celebrations, “The program also nurtures the unique talents of the next wave of coordinators, floral and creative designers in the Industry. We’re seeing an increasing need for creative talent and event coordinators to become educated about the array of business opportunities that exist specifically related to the Special Events Industry. Celebrations is meeting this need by offering this type of internship opportunity.”