Friday, February 15, 2008

Love Blossomed at the Pines Retirement Home

Thursday afternoon February 14th at the Pines Retirement Home was a joyous occasion as residents were treated to a Valentine’s Tea Party from Celebrations. Love blossomed as each resident was given a beautiful long stemmed rose for Valentine’s Day. A table was filled with delicious cakes and pastries for all the residents and staff to enjoy.

“It was a very enjoyable afternoon for everyone,” says Lisa McGinty, Marketing and PR executive for Celebrations, “It is always nice to give back to the community and to spread a little cheer. Valentine’s is the perfect time to do that. We would also like to commend the staff at the Pines who work tirelessly to take care of all 33 residents”.

Mrs. Sue Nicholson, the Manager of The Pines said, “All of our residents we delighted and touched by the generous gesture and The Pines is very grateful for the continued support and kindness of the staff of Celebrations”.

Celebrations have been playing a very active role in the Cayman community since the company was established back in 1987. “Valentine’s Day is a day to show our loved ones we care about them, it is important that we remember our elders at this time too,” says Jo-Anne Brown Managing Director of Celebrations.

Celebrations also supportied another very worthy cause this Valentine’s, by donating a beautiful long stem rose to anyone who donates blood this week at the blood bank as part of the Health Smart Heart Week initiative.

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